Transforming Accounting Document Management

The practical case of Redondo-Vives using Process Talks

The successful collaboration between Process Talks and Redondo-Vives is a practical testimony of how technology can help SMEs. With a simple, one-off investment of 5 minutes, Redondo-Vives has managed to drastically simplify accounting document processing, eliminating human errors and therefore improving customer satisfaction.

At Process Talks we believe in simplifying and revolutionizing the way companies automate their office processes. If you can explain it, we can automate it. That is, with our SaaS platform you can use your own language to automate jobs and workflows in your company. The best part of it? We can now share with you our first success story with Redondo-Vives.

Redondo-Vives is a fiscal and legal advisors firm that faced a recurrent challenge in its day-to-day work, namely, managing a large volume of accounting documents sent by third parties via email. Each invoice had to be reviewed, processed and then manually transferred to their accounting system, a laborious process always prone to errors.

Our collaboration with Redondo-Vives began with an informal conversation. We understood their need to simplify that process and thus relieve their team from such a repetitive task. We could then demonstrate the power of Process Talks: an application that allows you to describe automations naturally and in human language.

The transformation

1. A conversation using natural language: Redondo-Vives started using Process Talks to describe their needs using sentences such as: “Whenever I receive an email with an attached invoice, upload that attachment to our accounting software.”

2. Intelligent automation: The technology developed by Process Talks takes this type of instructions and turns them into automated actions. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques, our platform is able to understand the content of incoming emails and extract the necessary information from attached invoices.

3. Seamless integration: Invoices are now automatically sent to Redondo-Vives accounting software without any need for human intervention. This not only saves time but also reduces potential human errors.

The results

The positive impact is evident from the very beginning:

Improved efficiency: Redondo-Vives has significantly improved the efficiency of accounting document management and processing. The time that their office workers used to spend on manual tasks has been drastically reduced. With a one-off, 5-minute-long configuration process, the company saves between 10 and 15 minutes of daily work.

Greater precision: By eliminating manual data entry there are no more human errors. That allows Redondo-Vives to ensure that each and every document is processed accurately.

Customer satisfaction: Redondo-Vives customers appreciate the speed and accuracry with which their invoices are processed. This improves customer satisfaction and therefore strengthens business relationships.

The future of automation

The Redondo-Vives story is just the beginning of our mission at Process Talks. We are committed to continuing innovating and helping companies of all sizes to automate their processes simply and effectively. Our platform continuously evolves to meet the changing needs in the business world.

If your company faces challenges in process automation do not hesitate to contact us. Process Talks is here to help you simplify and improve your operations.

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